daylife (2005)
massenwahn (2006)
wide (2007)

live doc 2006 (quicktime 70mb)

massivan press review (PDF)


Born the son of a violinist 1971 as an italian in switzerland, massivan enjoyed a classical education, starting to play the violin by the age of six.

Having played violin for eight years, the instrument became boring and he started studying drums. This finally brought him to the American Institute of Music of Vienna in 1993. Unfortunately he could not complete the conservatory studies and had to reconsider his musical carrer.

That’s when he came in touch with audio-engineering and later dj’ing.

In 2000 he co-founded the label “Modest Records”. On this label he released five singles under the pseudonym “Josef’s Ruhe”. One of them, “Zürihorn”, was placed in the charts and played around the world by several dj’s like John Digweed, Sasha, Timo Maas and Steve Lawler.

Soon he became resident at the legendary labyrinth-club in zürich.

After having produced progressive house for 4 years, he needed some change and started with Jens Andersson the project “Calmstreet”, a mixture between pop and lounge. It soon became a whole album called “Third Wave” which was released on “Mole Listening Pearls” in september 2002. After having sold over 6000 copies, UCMG prevented massivan's financial success by going bankrupt before even paying the advance.

In spring 2003, he moved to Formentera, which is situated right by the side of Ibiza. A little balearic island on which he got a residency in the Bluebar, playing chillout dj-sets for the sunset since the summer season of 2003.

In may 2005 massivan finally released his first solo album called "Daylife". It’s a shift in the direction of jazzy-chill-house, mixed up with latin-beats.

In may 2006 he released his second solo album called "Massenwahn". It is an album full of pure club-music, a mixture between electro-pop and psychedelic-trance.

In may 2007 his third solo album „Wide“ came to life. This album was realised with several live musicians and one can file it under down-tempo with a touch of jazz.

Currently he’s working on the next album, which is gonna be more latin than anything he’s done before.